1st to Die

1st to Die is a suspenseful mystery thriller. It is the opening novel of the Women’s Murder Club series. The author of 1st to Die is James Patterson. He is both an author and a philanthropist from America. In literary writing, Deadly Cross and NYPD Red 6 are his best mystery thrillers.

Suzanne Toren has done the narration of this novel. It was quite a flat performance and didn’t amuse the audience that much. She struggled mainly when narrating lines of Jacobi.

The story in this novel is of four women who were the best of friends. They all share a strong determination to stop a murder. That killer was known for stalking all the accessible newlyweds in San Francisco. Each of the women was involved by holding one part of the puzzle. Lindsay Boxer has the reputation of a homicide inspector who was part of the San Francisco Police Department. Then comes Claire Washburn who is a proficient medical examiner. It was followed by the character of Jill Bernhardt who is working as an assistant D. A. Last but not least was Cindy Thomas. She is the one who has just started working for the San Francisco Chronicle’s crime desk.

Adhering to the regular procedures were not bringing these women any closer to track and stop the serial killer. Therefore, all these four women set up a Women’s Murder Club. They wanted to use this as a platform to collaborate, out of the box. This was giving them good hope to get the desirable results.
It was a great mystery thriller. However, the narrator tried her best but couldn’t meet the expectations of the audience.

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