The P.G. Wodehouse Collection

The P.G. Wodehouse Collection is a collection of fictional stories by P.G. Wodehouse. He is an English novelist who is mainly and widely known as one of the most read humorists to have ever graced the English literature of the 20th century. You will also be thoroughly entertained with the Pigs Have Wings book. Moreover, Big Money is another fascinating book that P.G. Wodehouse has written.

The audio narration of the subject novel is done by B.J. Harrison. The narrator was not good with the selection of the required accent. He sounded American and sometimes Scottish, but never close to the English accent.

The subject title does not only comes with the complete Right Ho, Jeeves audiobook but it also has the entire collection of the author’s titles in the Classic Tales library. It is also graced with the Jeeves short story that is only available in this collection which is the title Extracting Young Gussie.

The running time of all the stories in this collection as a whole is 15 hours. You will be surely provided with nonstop entertainment for this entire time as every story is worth listening and you will get so many different flavors in this single collection.

If few of the better stories than the others need to be mentioned here then you will surely have a great time with Jeeves and the Unbidden Guest and The Aunt and the Sluggard short stories. Apart from that, the author also got a great appreciation for his Death at the Excelsior title and Jeeves in the Springtime. The book has some great stories which will keep your attention all the time. Listeners wanted to have more of these.

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