Charles Todd has described the war wounds of the soldiers like none other. It is through the eyes of a war nurse that we have seen the horrible things which have taken place during the war. On the main screen and behind the screen, the war did so much damage to the life of the people that even at the end of the war when peace takes over, these men have nothing to live for. A peace treaty is soon being signed in Paris because the war has ended and for this purpose, the leaders of different states have started gathering on one spot.

Bess is also thinking about her future life now because her services would soon be ending on the battlefront. During these last days of the war she is appointed to take care of an officer named Minton in Paris. When Bess reaches Paris, she is unable to find the man and then after a lot of searches she reaches him but he looks quite disturbed. Something has been eating him up from the inside and he does not want to talk about it at all.

Minton gets scared when he even thinks about the happenings of the past. The soldier does not talk much and he does not share his secrets with anyone. Bess thinks that if things go on like this then the soldier might commit suicide in the coming days. So she starts asking questions from those who were close to him and even those men have no idea about Minton’s current situation.

Perhaps the narrator Rosalyn Landor had the toughest character to narrate in this part of the novel. A Fatal Lie and A Game of Fear kind of stories were linked to one man or a particular place, this on the other hand is linked to something which can disturb the peace process.

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