A Wish Upon the Stars

A Wish Upon the Stars is the fourth installment in tales from Verania novel series. It is a LGBTQ romance novel. The book is written by TJ Klune.he is a Lambda award-winning writer with most of his work on LGBTQ+ and gay romance. The House in the Cerulean is his young adult novel that is the bestselling in New York Times. It was also named as the best science fiction and fantasy books of Amazon in 2020. The Lightning Struck Heart is a LGBTQ+ science fiction fantasy by the author.

The narration of this book is done by Michael Lesley. The narrator has got an incredible voice. He managed to give a unique space to each individual character in this audiobook.

Sam of Wilds almost a year ago made a frantic decision about following the Great White. He was blinded by betrayal and grief. Now, he emerges to a completely changed world. The City of Lockes is nothing but a prison. King is confined with the dungeons. The Verania Kingdom has fallen and Myrin, the Dark wizard has occupied the throne. But, immediately after making his return, Sam comes to know about some resistance that is fighting in his name. It was led by a capable knight who was a defiant prince who was looking to smash each and everything in sight. Sam must now face all the consequences of his own choices.

It is an audiobook where you will find yourself instantly invested in the different characters and their stories. The book is also heart-wrenching and tragic. It has got every other thing that is required in making this story a satisfying one.

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