Abandoned in Death

Abandoned in Death is a mystery thriller novel. It is the 54th chapter in the In Death novel series. It is written by J. D. Robb. She is better known by her romance writing name of Nora Roberts. She has authored more than 225 novels in her career where most of them are romance. She has also done a good job as a mystery writer. If she excites you as an author then do think about trying her Memory in Death novel. Another brilliant novel from J. D. Robb is Innocent in Death.

The audio narration of Abandoned in Death is done by Susan Ericksen. She is a fantastic performer and after listening to her beautiful voice, you couldn’t think about anyone replacing her.

There was a dead body of a woman found on a bench one morning in a playground in NYC. She looked to be quite clean and her hair was very neatly done as well. She also had very carefully applied makeup. But, many other things were wrong. Those include her tattoo and piercings which looked to be new. Her clothes looked out of date by decades. There was also a fatal wound which was hidden way beneath her a ribbon which was wrapped around her neck. There was also a note found nearby which said ‘Bad Mommy’. It was written with crayons and seemed as if it was written by a child.

Eve Dallas, the homicide detective then turned to the top profiler of the department, as the case was getting very challenging.

All of the characters of this story are amazing and they are so beautifully developed. The excellent narration by Susan made this beautifully written book even more intriguing.

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