After the Storm

After the Storm is a contemporary romance novel. It is the eighth book in the KGI novel series which is written by Maya Banks. She is the number one bestselling author in USA Today and New York Times. Among her best novels, you will surely find Brighter Than the Sun as one of them. Darkest Before Dawn is another good book that Maya Banks has written.

The audio narration of After the Storm is done by Adam Paul. He did a pretty decent job narrating this audio novel, and the people loved it.

Donovan Kelly over the years had relentlessly fought for justice. Children and women always had a very special place within his heart. He was working along with his brothers and firsthand witnessed the toll it took which was emotionally, mentally, and physically as well on his loved ones. It also included several other innocent lives which unwantedly got caught in the crossfire.

The Kentucky Lake was the ideal place for a soul that was in search of safe harbor. An extremely charming stranger arrived there who was breathless, desperate, and also on the run from a dark past. It was closing in quite quickly on her along with her younger siblings whom she was determined to protect. Donovan must consider every resource which was accessible to him. That was needed to protect women and their children who might prove to be something that he was waiting for in his life for a long time.

This title was worth the wait as the story is pretty good and one of the finest chapters in the KGI novel series. The superb narration of Adam Paul made it even more special.

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