Ali Wong: Baby Cobra

Ali Wong: Baby Cobra is a dramatized story of Ali Wong. She is a multi-talented artist, comedian, writer and actress. Apart from the subject title, he also provided people with lots of great entertainment through his other literary pieces as well. Ali Wong is also the narrator of this book and the performance which he has given is just so incredible.

The standup special of Ali Wong delves deep into her different sexual adventures. It also deals with the hoarding and the bumpy road to pregnancy. On top of that, she also had a thing or two to say about why feminism is just so terrible. All this is said in a light-hearted, comical way. Her show received excellent reviews on Netflix and several other social media platforms. The inclusion of the same title in the audiobook is a step ahead which will allow her fans in particular and comedy fans in general to enjoy something spectacular on the move. It will make an exciting experience even on the weekend or at night, whichever suits your mood in the best possible manner.

The material or content of Ali Wong in Baby Cobra is extremely well delivered. You will also find the great definite connection between her different jokes to be quite outstanding. This is unlike the majority of the other comedians out there who throw out a lot of jokes or they keep on doing it until they get a reaction from the audience. Ali Wong is all about quality and you wouldn’t find her offering quantity in a way that may disrupt quality.

Baby Cobra is a Netflix special comedy that made a good number of fans of Ali Wong. In this audio format, Baby Cobra seems to be just so adorable.

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