All the Bright Places

Power of love overpowers death and dejection in the novel, the story for some is funny but when the two try for the suicide it is damn serious. Theodore Finch and Violet Markey have never seen each other but they have one thing in common i.e a tendency to commit suicide. They have been trying to do away with their lives but not succeeding at all.

The guardian angel perhaps is taking extra care because their time has not yet come. Finch has tried almost all the options there are in the book but luck does not favor him, the author Jennifer Niven portrays a strange kind of character in Finch. If you look closer at every attempt the boy was actually waiting for the good to happen at the same time.

He wanted the attempt of death to provide him some options and luckily he got one when he was least expecting it. Violet Markey is in a miserable condition after the death of her sister and she too wants to commit suicide, she is more serious than Finch in her attempt. Then both of them meet on the spot which they have now selected for their suicide but instead it becomes their first meeting point.

Kirby Heyborne and Ariande Meyers the two narrators really put on a good show at this point when love finally emerges on the scene. The very presence of the two becomes a hope and chance for the other to live. Velva Jean Learns to Fly and Holding Up the Universe were never describing chance and coincidence in such a big way. The author has focused more on fate rather than human potential to survive and find a way out of all the miseries.

Finch and Violet just end up being the best for one another on the day when they thought they would rest in peace finally in the grave yard. Romance is not in the air from the beginning but when it starts it finally takes over.





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