Kate’s issues with John have been solved and it is good for her that they are walking on the same path still. Both of them have helped each other in every possible manner over the years and they just cannot think of separation now by any means. Kate is called by the Sheriff because a girl has been found dead in New York who was linked to the Amish family. Now the society is not telling anything to the English so Kate can penetrate that society because of her Amish background.

Going alone and undercover is something that Kate has not done in the past. This new experience was not fun because she was risking her life in that way. John was against the offer but Kate just cannot leave a criminal playing with the lives of the young children.

So she dresses up as a widow and moves to New York to stop the killer before he plans to attack one more time. Lina Castillo since Sworn to Silence and Pray for Silence has not talked about New York a lot. Thus this is another twist in the series which Kathleen Mclnerney narrates. Kate has seen the darkness of her town, New York does not seem very different when she decides to explore some old hidden secrets.

The killer is cunning and he is also taking steps in a properly calculated manner as if he has planned everything in the past and now he is executing it perfectly. Kate finds her life in danger and she does not possess the support of John in this part of the world.

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