Anne Manx in Lives of the Cat

Anne Manx in the Lives of the Cat is an audio performance under the arts and entertainment category. This one is given by Larry Weiner. He is a highly regarded playwright and writer. If you are looking for similar books like the titled one from Larry Weiner then Anne Manx and the Empress Blair Project is the one for you. Another brilliant piece from Larry Weiner is Flight of the Bumblebee.

The audio performance in this book involves the likes of Claudia Christian, Tom Dheere, Patricia Tallman, and the full cast. It was a decent performance and was OK for most of its part.

This brilliant new and exciting science fiction series takes all of its audience into action and that too at a headlong pace. You will find this one to be wickedly satirical and deadly serious. Claudia Christian played the role of Detective Anne Manx who was a very honest cop working in a system under siege. Patricia Tallman played the characters of the vicious Lt. Richmond. Both Anne and her boss became the target of the killers as they stood right in between Richmond a police coup of the entire sector. But, when Anne got killed then surprisingly she didn’t die. So how many lives this cat is known for having?

Anne Manx in Lives of the Cat is a brilliant story. The book has got everything from action, mystery, suspense to some great sex. Razor-sharp humor is one of the highlights of this audiobook. It was brought to life by some amazing performances. It is quite difficult to comprehend the quality of acting especially by Patricia Tallman and Claudia Christian.

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