Bark of Night

The Tara Foundation has helped the animals in finding new owners and the rightful home. At the same time, the dogs who get old or are suffering from any dangerous disease are euthanized most properly. A few days ago, a dog named Truman was given to the Tara Foundation and it was told that he should be euthanized.

The man who gave the dog told the organization that he was the owner of the dog. Now the veterinarian calls Andy and tells him that the French bulldog is healthy and there is no reason that he should be killed just because his owner said so.

The foundation can find a new home for the dog and at the same time, they can look for the reason because of which the owner of the dog wanted it dead. When Andy finds the chip of the dog, it is revealed that the man who left the dog in his care was not the real owner of the dog.

The owner of the dog was killed a few days ago and no sign of the killer is yet to be found. Andy does not euthanize the dog rather he takes on the case and shows his determination to get to the bottom of things. David Rosenfelt has shown Andy’s association with dogs in Rescued and Deck the Hounds but here it is more intense. For a long time, we have seen that Andy doesn’t make a case on his own rather he is forced by the circumstances.

This time he involves himself in the thing even when he had the chance to just euthanize the dog. Don’t leave the book incomplete for the next day because Grover Gardner’s narration is the best when listened to in continuity.

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