Bitter Harvest

The human race considers itself as a dominant species on this planet because they have survived almost everything. Where the big species like the dinosaurs collapsed, the humans just kept on evolving in every field. But the humans were never ready for a devastating attack from a lowly virus that would end their reign within no time. Kim Knox takes the audience to 2050 where the world is on the verge of chaos and humans are close to going extinct. The nano-virus that attacked them some years back has made most of the savage and the chances of survival are not there. The infected ones are now spreading the virus through sex which means that soon the survivors that are hiding in a secure base would be seeing their end.
Robert Sutton is the defender of this human base and he has been one of those who have survived hell over the years. As the enemy prepares for the attack Sutton hears about a prisoner who has fully recovered from the virus. Recovering from the virus is impossible so Sutton thinks of it as a big drama but he still goes to the prisoner named Rider because if he is saying the right thing then he must have the key to end all of this.
As Sutton goes closer to Rider he feels a strange kind of appeal towards him which is far lustier than we have observed in Gambit and Dark Dealings. Sutton thinks that he might be entering into a trap laid by Rider but resistance seems to be impossible.
Rider also is attracted towards him and wants him at every cost. The relations developing between the two can end everything or it can solve the biggest problem that the human race is facing.

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