Broken Horses

Broken Horse is a memoir from the music category. It is written by Brandi Carlile. She is an American singer, songwriter, and producer. Her music spans several genres and has 7 studio albums released already. She also earned 18 nominations in Grammy awards.

Brandi Carlile narrated this book herself. Being a singer, she is well familiar with the importance of voice and tonal quality. She delivered the narration here flawlessly.

Brandi was born into a musically gifted family. She had a dysfunctional childhood with many challenges and she grew up in a state of constant change. She contracted bacterial meningitis at the age of five and that made things even worse.Brandi in this book took her followers through all the significant events of her life and what exactly helped her to shape her raw art. She shared her memories about starting with a singing competition locally and also told about her breakthrough with Dave Matthews Band. Moreover, she also had many sleepless tours over 15 long years. She gave six studio albums during that time and raised a couple of children as well with her wife named, Catherine Shepherd. She is also quite open in this book about her being a gay teenager. Her hard work brought great success for her and she got a chance to collaborate with people like Dolly Parton, Elton John, Pearl Jam, Mavis Staples, Joni Mitchell Tanya Tucker, etc.To be very honest, Brandi Carlile’s life and career story are too big to fit in a book. However, she did a great job here to sharing some excellent stuff about herself. There will be many never-before-heard details from the singer, which will surely inspire you.

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