Grover Gardner surely has a professional voice and in the previous part of the series, the narrator proved the standard of his voice. First Degree truly has everything which is needed to make a story captivating likable. David Rosenfelt has created several such stories which are good to listen to. These stories are not the kind that will come up with some kind of moral lesson but they have enough material to raise your emotions and make you feel thrilled at the climax.

Open and Shut could prove as another good example for the audience to view the genius of the author. Andy Carpenter has emerged as a brand in a small town because in a quick time he has made a name for himself. The cases just keep on coming to him but for some time he is seen as showing some reluctance towards the cases.

It is observed that he wants something big which can help him in boasting his career furthermore. Then the opportunity knocks at the doorstep when a newspaper owner asks for Andy’s help. The man wants Andy’s help to protect his star reporter. Andy thinks that it was an important task that would keep him in the news but soon the star reporter is found near a dead body and this lands him in jail.

Now it is up to Andy to prove that the reporter is innocent otherwise his client would be under the shadow of the rope within days. More trouble awaits in the form of the original serial killer who actually committed the crime and ran away cleanly.

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