Calculated in Death

Whenever a strange murder scene appears on the streets of the city it is Eve Dallas who is called to take a closer look at the scene. The detective is not like the local police that would just analyze the case from a distance after which the case would be shut forever. She investigates everything properly before concluding the case. A case going into the hands of Eve Dallas is bad news for the criminal because she will reach the criminal at any rate. Marta Dickenson is found dead in this novel at the bottom of the stairs. When the police reached the scene the first thing which they check is that whether the woman has her belongings or not. The woman had nothing with her that hint that someone has snatched everything from her and during the process of snatching she got killed because she resisted. Eve Dallas reached the spot along with Peabody i.e her assistant. Both after several hours of investigation prove that the woman was stabbed in the room where her blood is still to be seen.

Someone stole all the files from her apartment after killing her and it means that she had something important with her. Soon Susan Ericksen narrates another murder like Faithless in Death and Echoes in Death. The serial killer is on the move and Eve knows what she has to do to bring him out of his hidings. J.D. Robb makes the mission once again life-threatening for Eve Dallas but she is ready to risk her life for the sake of other people around her.

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