Can’t Buy Me, Love

Can’t Buy Me Love is a book based on arts and entertainment, music genre. It is written by Jonathan Gould. He is an ex-musician and a current writer from New York, USA. He started playing music from his school and this time, he is sharing a wealth of knowledge and inside stories related to the love of music. Otis Redding is another exciting music-based book from the writer.

Richard Aspel has done this narration of the Can’t Buy me Love audiobook. It was a fascinating narration and the listeners look forward to listening to anything narrated by Richard Aspel as he was completely wonderful.


Can’t Buy Me Love is a great work of autobiography done within a group. It took a very long time of 20 years in the making. It is not only a biography of the Beatles but also a piece about musical criticism and the cultural history of the USA. It is a given fact that the Beatles were considered an unprecedented phenomenon in the music industry. The author here goes a step ahead while looking to explain the reasoning behind placing the members of the band in a broad panorama of their place and time. It analyzed the tale of those members in the social context which tightened both their demise and rise from fame. The book also illuminates the Beatles as a huge phenomenon on an international level. The anarchic energy of the band along with the unexpected import was derived from the great older shifts in the fortune. It was something that altered the relationship between USA and Britain in the time post-WW II.

You will find this book with rich context. It talks about the Beatles with great insights into the band, while not sounding gossipy at all.

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