Chosen Pride

Chosen Pride is the third chapter of the L’Ange novel series. This LGBTQ+ Studies novel is written by Mary Calmes. She is an American writer who holds a degree in English literature. She writes contemporary romance and LGBTQ+ novels. In the contemporary romance category, you must check out her Fix It Up novel for a superb literary time. Similarly, the In a Fix novel is also a recommended one.

The narration of this chapter is done by Tristan James. She is a reliable narrator and has got a few novels narrated in her powerful voice. In this one, you will find her performance to be perfect with the requirements of the story and the characters.

The time has come when Jon Slade met his mate finally. But, it became the saddest day of his life rather than, the happiest. It is because Kelvin MacCurdy, wolf shifter picked the obligations over the fated bond while leaving it to Jon Slade to pick up all of the pieces of his broken dreams. Roman Howell, his boss proved lucky for him. He was the owner of L’Ange saw something special in the forlorn lion and decided to put him to work. This was required so he doesn’t get any time to sit idle and lick his wounds.

An official visit to L’Ange was made by the wolves and Jon discovered that the pining of Kelvin for him is now taking its tool. Things get intense from here onwards.

The book was quite good throughout except at the end where a few characters got mixed up somehow. It was slightly frustrating after experiencing such a fabulous book almost throughout. Tristan James has been the star of this audiobook.

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