City of Bones: Harry Bosch Series, Book 8

City of Bones is a mystery thriller. It is the 8th chapter in the Harry Bosch novel series, which is quite a renowned saga, written by Michael Connelly. The best ones from the collection of Michael Connelly are The Lincoln Lawyer and The Wrong Side of Goodbye.

Peter Jay Fernandez has given his voice for the narration of this chapter, City of Bones. The performance was below average and flat. Peter doesn’t have a lot of variation in his voice which is required for a novel like City of Bones.

Harry Bosch, the detective on the New Year’s Day gets a call that a dog has found a bone somewhere. It was a bone of a human as said by the owner of the dog, who is a doctor himself.

That discovery of bone by the dog took Harry Bosch to a grave which was somewhere in the Hollywood Hills. There was evidence found for a murder case which is now 20 years old. It is a cold case but it is big enough to stir up the old memories of Harry Bosch. He was an orphan in the city then.
He started his investigation by checking police reports and different hospital records as well. It was good to track down the children of the streets and also the runaway kids of the 1970s. Harry was found in a family that got ripped apart due to an absence. All this will take things into a trail that will turn into a violent and highly terrifying world.
City of Bones comes with a very strong and solid plot. You will find Michael Connelly in this chapter making some major shifts in the character of Harry Bosch. People were already liking Harry’s character so much. So, why change now? Why so late? The narration was a bit on the low side, which disappointed the listeners.

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