City of the Dead

The city of the Dead is a mystery thriller. It is the 37th installment in the Alex Delaware novel series. The book is authored by Jonathan Kellerman. He is an American psychologist and an author. He is the winner of Anthony and Edgar awards as well for his popular novels featuring Alex Delaware character. If you are looking for a great literary time with Jonathan Kellerman’s novel then Dr. Death is the book for you. Moreover, When the Bough Breaks is another book from the author that you may consider adding to your reading list.

The audio narration of the City of the Dead novel is done by John Rubinstein. The narration to be honest was below average. John lacked energy and it didn’t help the listeners at all.

Los Angeles is considered to be a city of celebrity, sunlight, and possibility. The place was often experienced by Milo Sturgis, a Homicide Lt. Detective, and Alex Delaware, a psychologist, which was more like a city of the dead.

The two of them early one morning found themselves in a neighborhood of very beautiful houses. There were also pretty people and beautiful cars all around them. Then they came across a naked man who was lying dead on the road. He seemed to be a victim of a collision with a van that was going through the suburbia in sheer darkness. All others things became secondary when the blood trail get closer to a nearby home.

The city of the Dead is a fine novel but not among one of the best titles by Jonathan Kellerman. The dialogue at the start was pretty silly and that didn’t make a good first impression. But then the story recovered to some extent and you will find it good enough to finish.

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