Come As You Are

This memoir “Come As You Are” is written by Michael Azerrad and narrated by Kurt Loder and Michael Azerrad. Our Band Could Be Your Life is a suggested book by Michael Azerrad for readers.


Nirvana appeared unexpectedly in the last decades of the nineteenth century to sell almost millions of duplicates of their milestone collection “Nevermind” who has deafening sound and permanent songs encapsulated all the disarray, disappointment and energy of the arising age. This “Come As You Are” is the nearby, cozy tale of “Nirvana” that is the just volume with elite inside and out interviews with musicians “Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, and Dave Grohl” just as companions, family members, previous musicians, and partners presently refreshed to incorporate another last section specifying the last year of “Kurt Cobain’s” life before his awful self-destruction in the last decade of the nineteenth century.

This tale “Come as You Are” is a contemporary stone account of “Nirvana” meaning it was written in their period and not after death. I did not figure it could match “Heavier Than Heaven” however the entrance the essayist needed to “Kurt, Dave, Kris” and even Courtney among others and truly rejuvenated it.  However, how it was assembled and the energy of “Kurt” truly affected me. This book was composed when “Kurt” was however alive so a ton of the data is coming directly from “Kurt” himself.

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