Dark Rivers of the Heart

Dark Rivers of the Heart is a horror fiction novel. It is written by Dean Koontz in a very exciting manner. Apart from horror fiction, he also wrote mystery and suspense thrillers. If you are interested in more titles from Dean Koontz then your best choice could be his The Servants of Twilight. Once you are finished listening to this one then you can also start with his Devoted novel which is equally enjoyable.

The narration of Dark Rivers of the Heart is done by Scott Merriman. He was superb in producing a variety of voices for different characters.

Dark Rivers of the Heart

Are you brave enough to step right through the red door? Spencer had no idea that what exactly drew him to that particular bar which had a red door. He was assuming that he would only sit down there and will have maybe a beer or two. He also thought and expected to talk with a stranger, if possible. One thing that he didn’t know was that it would all turn into a narrow escape from a house that was the target of a SWAT team. Moreover, he was unaware that the upcoming situation will make him one of the most wanted men.

In reality, he was on the run now from the ruthless and mysterious men. He was in love with a lady whom he knew nothing about. He was hiding from the past which he could hardly remember. There was a shadowy security agency on his trail which was answerable to no one at all, even including the US government. There was also another man involved there who thought of himself to be the compassionate Angel of Death. The worst of everything that that Spencer was on a collision course.

The story is superb with exciting twists and turns. The presentation by the narrator took this audiobook to another level of success. Overall, it is a fantastic book and highly recommended.

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