Jack Noble can do anything and he is there for the hiring, the only problem is that the one who hires him has to convince him first. Going on the wrong path is not something that Jack likes to do more often. It does not mean that he is an innocent campaigner because he has done things that he often tries to hide from his daughter whom he wants to keep safe in all circumstances.

Frank Skinner does not bring good news for the people because he carries a gun with him on most occasions. Jack has worked with the man before but he is not in the mood to continue the relationship so this is their final mission. Survival is almost impossible in this job but if Jack survives then he would be able to get what he desires i.e a free and peaceful life.

Some of those people who think that they know all about L.T. Ryan’s creative genius because they have heard Close to Home and Aftershock before this book are wrong in their perception. The author has polished the skills in every latest creation, that is why every new book is better than the previous one.

The narration has contributed a lot to this series as well, Dennis Holland started the series by narrating the first book and he has not felt exhausted till this eleventh part. Jack Noble puts his life on the line to take one life that can solve not only his problem but also the problem of many other people present around. Things are not very complicated in this installment, there is still more emotion in this novel than in the initial books.

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