Dim Sum Asylum

Dim Sum Asylum is an LGBTQ novel. It is written by Rhys Ford. She writes LGBT mysteries thrillers, fantasy, and fiction novels. Back in Black is the best novel that is ever written by Rhys Ford, at least, arguably. Furthermore, Dirty Kiss, Book 1, her debut novel for some of her fans is her best novel to date.

This book is narrated by Greg Tremblay who is quite a regular voice in most of the novels that Rhys Ford has written. He is a fantastic narrator and deserves all the work and acknowledgment that he gets from the fans and the literary fraternity.

Welcome you all to Dim Sum Asylum. It is in San Francisco where it is a ho-kum type of a case when a cop is supposed to chase a charming shrine god statue which is of a couple of foot. It has a striking Fu Manchu mustache which is running around trolling the sex magic of Chinatown and there is chaos just in its awake.

Roku MacCormick is a Senior Inspector of the Arcane Crime Division of Chinatown. He is up against many challenges which are far beyond the human faerie heritage. There are dragons guarding the multiple gates of the Chinatown and they are exploding many of the noodle factors. Roku gets burdened with Trent Leonard once this case goes sideways. He is his new partner whom he couldn’t trust at all. Trent is believed to be as dangerous as the criminals and monsters that they were sworn to catch.

Rhys Ford will even make you fell in love with her characters, storyline, and even San Francisco. It has some special sex scenes as well.

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