Doctor Who – The 10th Doctor Adventures: Death and the Queen

Doctor Who – The 10th Doctor Adventures: Death and the Queen is a beautiful audio performance. It is written by James Goss. He is an English producer and a writer. He is well-known for his work in the cult TV spinoff media. This includes the audio stories for Torchwood and Doctor Who and his tie-in novels. His fictional work is highly regarded that is beyond the readymade universes. If you are interested in the subject title then consider checking out his Doctor Who: Dead Air as well.

The audio performance in this book is by David Tennant, Alex Cox, Catherine Tate, and Beth Chalmers. The performance by every means was top tier which made this entire experience very enjoyable and refreshing for the listeners.

Donna Noble is the one who never found herself ever to be called as lucky in love. So, one day when her Prince finally arrived, she got thrilled and extremely excited about having the best wedding of all the weddings to which she was keenly looking for. The Doctor was not at all holding his breath or waiting for an invitation to the wedding. On top of that, her would-be mother-in-law is not amused at all. But, right on the day of the wedding, Donna Noble discovered her castle to be under siege from all the darkest of forces, while moving on at the head of the skeleton army. When it seems that even Doctor is not able to save the day so what Donna could do then for saving her people from Death?

All of the stories that you will find in this collection were able to capture the feel of the Doctor Who of this era. The finale by James Goss also managed to get the emotion that Russel T. Davies originally brought into the series.

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