Down and Dirty

Down and Dirty is an LGBTQ+ novel. It is the fifth section of Cole McGinnis’s novel series. The author of this book is Rhys Ford. She had a nomination for the Lambda Literary Award in the Gay Fiction category. The first novel came in 2011 which was titled Dirty Kiss, Book 1. The fans liked her Back in Black.

The narration of this chapter is done by Greg Tremblay. He is an amazing narrator and you will find him embracing the characters of this book beautifully.

The time when Bobby Dawson, the former LAPD detective tracked Ichiro Tokugawa, he knew it very well that the man was in trouble. It was not just because the younger inker from Japan is complicated, hot, and also pushed hard every button of Bobby. Ichi is trouble as he is the younger brother of Cole McGinnis. He is also found to be off-limits in several ways. Bobby knew it quite well, even before the death threats of Cole for him.

Ichi is not someone known for playing by the given riles at all. He had been bound with every imaginable rule until he has enough of it. He took another path in life to become his own man.

The character of Bobby is quite awesome and it will be great fun to know about his exciting love story. The storyline in this one is not much strong. It just has its moments that make them such beautiful for the audience to witness. The most dominating part of this audiobook is its narration.

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