Duck Duck Ghost

Duck Duck Ghost is an LGBTQ+ novel. It is the second chapter in Hellsinger novel series which is authored by Rhys Ford. She is into writing LGBTQ+, mystery thrillers, and contemporary fiction and fantasy. Her debut novel, Dirty Kiss, Book 1 and definitely among one of her finest. Another novel that brought success for the author is her Back in Black

Tristan James narrated this novel. She has a baritone kind of voice and every word narrated by her seems like honey.

Wolf Kincaid is a paranormal investigator who had the right idea that how his foot tastes like. It was mainly because he stuck it right in his mouth when Tristan Pryce, his lover drugged him accidentally with psychotropic baklava. Looking to patch up between them, Wolf Kincaid pulls Tristan Pryce to San Luis Obispo. They were hoping that the mid-level ability of Tristy could help in the matter of evicting a troublesome spirit that was haunting a very old farmhouse.

San Luis Obispo has its own set of troubles. The ghost whispering skill of Tristan is challenged by Cin, who was the elder cousin of Wolf. Stakes are high and Tristan finds himself within a battle that threatens his sanity and also his beloved relationship with Wolf.

The author, Rhys ford has got the amazing potential to turn a phrase and make it so special. She has always got some engaging and sexy characters in this book. On top of that, the sex scenes in this novel are way too special. The word of Ford and the voice of James seems to be the ideal marriage of the hot quantified syllables and sexy insinuations which bring this story and characters to life.

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