Echoes in Death

So many times we have seen Eve Dallas and Roarke in a happy mood and each time their mood is spoiled by a mishap that occurs in front of their eyes. J.D. Robb has talked about their love for each other but the author has never given them the time to enjoy that sensation fully. Roarke and Eve were going home when they had to stop the car because a naked woman in a terrible condition came in front of their car. Although they applied breaks and thought that no harm has been done to the woman but she was already bleeding in a bad way. It looks as if the author is presenting a sequel to Faithless in Death and Naked in Death when we listen to the whole scenery. Susan Ericksen narrates in detail how Eve in her party dress comes out of the car and she very quickly starts talking professionally.
Dr. Strazza is killed and his wife Daphne is found in a terrible state. When Eve and her husband start the investigation they are told about the doctor who was not very friendly at all. Rather most of the people in society disliked him because of his attitude. His behavior with his wife was also not the loving sort, he used to treat his wife like another achievement and that’s all. In such situations, anyone could have killed Strazza but the department has to reach the precise person to get him or her punished according to law. The case starts in haste so it takes time before things finally settle down and the evidence starts to appear on the scene for the detective.

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