Elsewhere is a fictional novel. It is written by Dean Koontz. He is a renowned American author whose novels are mostly billed as suspense thrillers. You will find them with the elements of fantasy, science fiction, horror, mystery, and sometimes satire as well.

The audio narration of Elsewhere includes a diverse cast of characters. The names are Edoardo Ballerini Josh Bloomberg, Imani Parks, Kevin T. Collins Brian Holden, Alexander Cendese, Soneela Nankani, and Amanda Leigh Cobb. Manu of them is the renowned name of narrators and the performance of Elsewhere fared well overall.

The fate of the entire world was within the hands of a father and his daughter. Since the time Michelle, his wife left Jeffy some seven years ago, he had worked hard for maintaining a regular life not just for himself but also for his 11 years old daughter. Her name was Amity and they were living in Suavidad Beach. They were living a quiet life there but only until Sppoky Ed, a local eccentric showed up on their doorstep. Ed entrusted Jeffy to hide a dangerous and weird object. He used to call that ‘the key to everything.  He also told Jeff that he should never use that object. But after an unexpected visit there from some ominous men, Amity and Jeff discovered themselves activating that device accidentally. With that, an extraordinary truth got revealed. That device allowed all of them to jump right between the parallel planes. They wondered if Michelle just is a click away from there.

Elsewhere is an exciting novel of terror and wonder which comes by the bestselling author, Dean Koontz, who is well-known as the master of suspense. Don’t miss out on this audio novel.

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