Every Day I Fight

Everyone will die sooner or later but a man should not allow any disease to control his life or thoughts. Disease such as cancer can end the life of a human being but being scared of it is against the dignity of a man. Stuart Scott and Larry Platt write strongly in this regard to make the people know that it is their thoughts and thinking that make them suffer more than the deadly disease known as cancer.
Stuart Scott was dying of cancer when he thought of writing this memoir not as a mere memory of himself but as an enthusiastic note for everyone who is suffering from such a situation in life. The book starts from the early life of Stuart when he was struggling in his life and finally the day came when he reached the door of ESPN and the whole world finally knew his name.

Cancer shook him hard in 2007 but he gathered himself and planned to fight against the odds before death finally approaches his doorstep. Every medical technique was adopted and tested by Scott and though he knew that nothing was helping his situation but he continued.

He wanted to show his daughters and everyone around that he wasn’t scared and thus was ready to take on any sort of competition. Cassandra Campbell usually doesn’t narrate such books but this one is done with a lively voice to convey the message hidden in the book with full force. At the end of the book, it is just death that Scott faces and not a defeat at the hands of cancer.

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