Exhale: An MM Shifter Romance

Just grab your seats; Joel Abernathy comes with some more new stuff which is of course rocking like all the previous works which author has produced before this. If Bleed: An MM Shifter Romance was missed by you then don’t leave this one unattended. Nicolae is a werewolf in the story and he was looking for the mate who could give him family and soothe his lust every night and day.
He successfully found the mate but till then she was married to a human being. Nicolae would not have stopped to claim her but when he reached to her she was dead i.e killed by his enemies. So the story of the werewolves ended for the poor human soul who was married to this particular girl.
But before death the girl gave birth to a baby girl which the man took with him. Now that girl named Ellie is missing and her father thinks that the same creatures have taken his daughter. He was unable to save his wife and he also seems helpless in saving his daughter as well. So instead of trying on his own or going to the police the man goes to the one creature who can help him i.e Nicolae.
The alpha of the werewolves lays down a hard challenge for the weak human i.e he has to become the mate of the alpha. If he refuses the proposal then he would not be able to see the face of his daughter again. When he agrees he feels that he has not made a wrong decision at all.
If the listeners are waiting for sweet talk then Kirt Graves will disappoint you because the narrator gives the voice to the tale according to the intensity in the theme.

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