Fall; or, Dodge in Hell

Fall; or, Dodge in Hell is a fiction novel. It is the second chapter in the Dodge novel series. The book is written by Neal Stephenson. He is an American writer who is mostly known for writing speculative fiction novels. You will find his books to be on historical fiction, science fiction, cyberpunk, and post-cyberpunk categories of literature.

The audio narration of the subject title is done by Malcolm Hillgartner. It was quite a good and satisfying performance.

Richard ‘Dodge’ Forthrast in his youth founded the Corporation 9592. It was a highly productive gaming company that a quick time made him a multi-billionaire. In his middle years then, Dodge always used to appreciate his unencumbered, comfortable life, while managing all of the diverse interests of his myriad business. He was always keen to spend some quality time with Zula, his niece, and also with Sophia, her young daughter.

It was a beautiful day of autumn when something went wrong. All of that happened while he was undergoing his regular medical procedure. Dodge all of a sudden was declared brain dead and was soon seen putting on life support. All of his family and his friends were stunned by the difficult decisions to be made. That was the time when his will came into play which he wrote at a much younger age. He directed in the will about his body be handed over to a cryonics company that was owned by Elmo Shepherd, an enigmatic technology entrepreneur.

The subject title became a notable book in New York Times and it comes from the #1 bestselling author in NYT. This is a highly entertaining and wilding inventive science fiction thriller that you will surely relish.

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