Fire and Ice

Erin Hunter is a master of when it comes to describing war scenes or fighting scenarios. The author first makes our mind prepared for the thing and then presents it in full force. “Warriors” series introduced four clans of cats in the opening book. Although the characters are all cats they have proper traditions which they follow and the enmity which they show for the rivals just makes them appear as humans in front of the audience.

Fireheart is the leading cat of the ThunderClan and he has emerged as a full warrior now. Although he is skilled in the art of fighting this is one thing which he does not like especially when an attack is launched against an innocent. The RiverClan seems to be in a mood of attacking the weak WindClan.

Fireheart wants to support the weak side but he knows that if he supports any of the rival clans then his clan will leave him stranded. War is imminent and innocent cats will die for sure if proper measures are not taken in time. The cat world is in danger and the danger is not brought from the outside world rather the strong clans are destroying the peace of the forest.

If the peace of the forest shatters then no one would be able to live in harmony. Into the Wild and Forest of Secrets can be good for the brain when you are enjoying this kind of material. MacLeod Andrews doesn’t go extreme because this is not the trend which the narrator follows in his works. Whether the books are full of action or romance the narrator just tries to deliver a clear voice to the ear.

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