Fire with Fire

Fire with Fire is the second chapter in the Burn for Burn novel series. It is a book written by Jenny Han. It is co-authored by Siobhan Vivian. Jenny rose to the number one spot in the New York Times with the bestselling novel. The author is highly regarded for her To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Moreover, Ashes to Ashes is another brilliant book by the author.

Fire with Fire novel is narrated by Joy Osmanski, Rebekkah Ross, and Madeleine Maby. The performance was beautiful and the listeners loved it who had good remarks to share about it.


The three girls seeking revenge were Lilila, Mary, and Kat. They all had their perfect plan which was yet to be executed. They were looking to join hands and take revenge on those who wronged them. All this was needed to be done with full secrecy. But, things didn’t go as per their plan. Everything got messed up at the Homecoming Dance. The girls were nowhere even close to their target. But, it seemed that they managed to get away with it. All they had to do was to move ahead and pick up all the scattered pieces. They had to forget about any pack among the three. But, all this was not easy to do. Things were quite complicated and getting them back to a comfortable point for them seems a lot far away.

When a fire is lit then the only possible thing for you is to just let it burn.

Fire with Fire is the penultimate chapter in the Burn for Burn trilogy. It sets up the concluding chapter quite nicely and you will grab that last chapter as an automatic choice after finishing this one.

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