Andy Carpenter has his head at work all the time and his heart is also in the office since the day Laurie Collins joined his office. Laurie attracted the lawyer’s attention right from day one and that’s why Andy is quite attached to her in so many ways that he cannot explain. Andy never planned on falling in love but he cannot control the romantic feelings which just ooze out of his heart after seeing Laurie. Another murder case hits the down when a cop is killed and then his body is burnt.

The dead body is found in the form of ashes and this triggers the police so much that it starts arresting the suspects right away. Andy was quite alarmed but he didn’t expect the case to come to his doorstep. During the investigation, the police came up with another suspect i.e Laurie Collins. With Laurie’s name in the list of the suspects, things get more serious for Andy Carpenter who just cannot think of losing the love of his life.

David Rosenfelt has made the story not only personal for Andy Carpenter but it is also the matter of life and death for him. If he loses there would be nothing left for him to fight for further in life. Best in Snow and Open and Shut is also pure classics that the author has written before this one.

None of these stories can be treated as average ones because they are liked by fans all over the world. Grover Gardner has not shown any kind of hasty nature or carelessness in narrating this splendid courtroom drama.

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