Fish and Ghosts

Fish and Ghosts is the first chapter of Hellsinger novel series. This is an LGBTQ+ book which is written by Rhys Ford. She is an accomplished writer of LGBT mysteries, contemporary fiction, fantasy, and thrillers. Dirty Kiss, Book 1 was her debut novel and probably one of her most loved novels as well. After this one, you may think about going with her Back in Black novel which would also entertain you in a good way.

The narration of this novel is done by Tristan James. She is a surprise package and performed way better than the expectations of the audience. This was a memorable performance by her which you will cherish for some time to come.

Triston Pryce became the 2nd generation of the Pryce family to serve in the capacity of a caretaker of the estate. It all happened when Mortimer, his uncle passed away and left with him the Gilded Age mansion named Hoxne Grange. It was believed to be a place for the spirits to stay before taking their last steps to the afterlife. Tristan was fully determined to tackle all these challenges. He was looking to set up Tristan’s insanity and then get hold of his trust fund. His close relatives hired the services of Dr. Wolf Kincaid and his team of paranormal researchers to prove that the Hoxne Grange is not haunted at all.

Fish and Ghosts is a sexy, spooky, and hysterical novel. There are a few funny scenes too where you might laugh nonstop for long. The characters are lovely and the story is gripping. The narration and audio quality were perfect and this chapter is recommended.

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