A story of four pretty girls, wrapped up in deceit, lies and drama of their teen years. We follow each and every one as to how they cheat and disrespect the others boundaries

Imagination and a lot of teen-age and school drama and growing up with a sister Sara Shepard is close to her writing then most know or can imagine from making stories of blankets and squared aliens Sara made it to the wonderous world of teen drama, romance and tragedy, her expertise in such a genre is visible in her titles like Unbelievable, Killer and Heartless.

The narrator has done the story a great deal of justice as Cassandra Morris’s clear and commanding voice takes over the person is left to do nothing but relax and listen in.

The story is taking place as a narrator being a 5th girl who was bullied by the 4 pretty girls, she was humiliated and she is debating whether to give them a taste of their own medicine or to bury them in so much drama that they can never recover. This childish behavior suggests that the author is trying to portray a vulnerable and demeaned girl with a conscious that makes it hard for her to treat the girls in the same manner she was dealt.

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