Flight of the Bumblebee

Flight of the Bumblebee is a literary piece of audio performances and dramatizations. It is written by Larry Weiner. The author has given some amazing entertainment and performing arts books where Anne Max and the Empress Blair Project is one of them. Other than that, he has got some amazing science fiction and fantasy books as well where Garson Krebs, Private Eye is one of them.

The narration of this book or dramatization is done by Marina Sirtis, Richard Fish, and the full cast. The main narrators are both the big names in audio performance and take the credit for giving such incredible vocal narration found in this audiobook. It was a very gripping performance that will captivate you to finish this audiobook effortlessly.

The struggle right in between the evil Consortium and Amalgamation got heated up just when the rebels assault the Quatro Cinco planet. Lt. Nancy Coy gets the assignment to rehabilitate the Kurk Manly. He was one the most handsome and greatest ever starship pilot to have been seen in this galaxy. He is now nothing but a useless drunk and he was the one who put the Kibosh (interstellar) on the rebellion.

The plot is quite dark and you will experience some amazing and bone-rattling wars. There is also great humor which will make you feel so good about the story and its characters.

This book has some great emotions, dialogue, and drama. The audio comes with all of these which is thanks to its large and multi-cast with a couple of popular stars. The experience will be full of adventure, action, humor, and then a highly fast-paced science fiction script.

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