Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said

Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said is a literature and fiction novel. It is written by Philip K. Dick. In his career, he wrote nearly 45 novels and 121 short stories. The majority of his short stories appeared in science fiction magazines which were always highly appreciated by the fans and critics. Minority Report and Other Stories (Unabridged Stories) from Dick will make a very exciting audiobook experience. You can expect the same level of entertainment through his A Scanner Darkly novel.

Phil Gigante did the narration of this novel and what a performance it turned out to be. It was perfect with an accent, expression, and variety in voice for supporting different characters.

It is the novel by Philip K. Dick that grapples with a lot of other different themes of the author. These include the altered reality, identity, dystopia, and drug use. All of this will come in a rollicking case story that earned this novel to get the John W. Campbell Award and as well as the nominations for Nebula and Hugo awards.

The story in this book is of Jason Taverner a renowned talk show host. He woke up one morning to find that nobody had any idea about who he was. All of the fame for which he was known had gone overnight. Even, he was not identified through the huge totalitarian government’s databases. In a place where lack of identification is considered a big crime. Jason had no choice but just to go on the run with several shady characters along. Those included crooked cops along with the dealers of alien drugs. But, where do they know a lot more than what they were letting on?

This book might go down as one of the best and most favorite books in the genre. The author packed this story so heavily with metaphor, and that warrants going for multiple readings for sure. This was backed with powerful audio performance as well by Gigante.

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