Fortune Academy: Year One

Fortune Academy: Year One is a teen romance novel. It is the first chapter of Fortune Academy novel series. This book is written by J.R. Thorn. She is the bestselling author in USA Today. All of the books that she writes are written in the same world always, except the ones that she writes as a coauthor. Therefore, you need to check carefully the recommended list of the books written by the author. Seven Sins makes a very obvious choice from her archives which you should check out. There is also a book set or a collection of her novels which comes in The Vampire Curse: Books 1 – 3. This would also make a very exciting listen for the audience.

Vanessa Moyen has narrated this chapter which is done with so much perfection. You will adore every bit of her performance in this novel.

The Fortune Academy is a place where the super-naturals could always feel at home, except that I have no idea that who I am.

The very last thing that I could remember is to arrive at the huge gates where I was stared down by the Bounty Hunter. I have a feeling that he would take me to the monster holding the arena to first fight and then die. I am the newest student at the Fortune Academy. I was able to relate with the monsters in many ways which the other students were not at all able to do so. My mentor is too or his own sake and he tells me that my typical behavior is al due to the issue of my memory loss.

 This novel tells an amazing story and you will be at the edge of your seat throughout. You will be automatically booked for the next chapter in the series as it is thoroughly entertaining and gripping.


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