Going Rogue

NPCs have been paying the price since the day when they pretended to be something which they were not. After a lot of adventures now perhaps if they say that they are not adventurers than it would be wrong altogether. Saving their skin was their goal and in doing so they saved the lives of other people too.

The band of losers after achieving a lot of fame and success still don’t want to be what they once pretended to be. Despite of all their success in the missions they have achieved fame and as far as the gold is concerned it is not ample at all. Need for money takes them to Camnarael, it was never another mission that was the requirement of the so called adventurers but they were presented with one.

Central city of the state proves to be no different than those the NPCs travelled through in NPCs and Split the Party. Life of the citizens is on the line and here the gold offered for the solution is many times greater in quantity of which they already have. The king has declared the prize money and with this the NPCs can end their journey with a bang.

The strange kind of heroes portrayed by Drew Hayes just cannot resist the temptation raised by money. Ironically it is their own ideas that make them fall towards trouble all the time which they hate the most. The narration of Roger Wayne is not a new thing and thus it is according to expectation. The voice has remained engaging in the first two and here no change resulting in no raise of problems.





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