Good Girl, Bad Blood

MacLeod Andrews, James Fouhey, Cary Hite, Raymon J. Lee, and Bailey Carr narrate another story about Pip who is not the detective anymore that she used to be. A year has passed since Pip had solved her last case and though she is not officially retired she has promised to herself that she will not put her nose in such matters again.

Ravi Singh was her assistant in the last mission, the two solved the case very awesomely but that was all for Pip and now she is living a simple life without any kind of worry. Jamie Reynolds vanishes in the thin air at the death anniversary of Andie Bell and Sal Singh. Pip is surprised to hear all of this because the man was not linked to anything suspicious over the past years.

Jamie was an important character in Pip’s life once so she decides to keep everything aside and comes back to her old style. Holly Jackson writes quite dramatically how Pip leaves her promise aside for the sake of an old friend. At first, she goes to the police for some help or assistance but she gets no response. Then she thinks that she has been left with no other way except to take the case into her own hands. Pip is committed that she will bring Jamie back home even if she has to look into the past of every member of the town.

If someone is already a fan of As Good as Dead and A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder then he will just love this one. No one can resist a tale with a mystery attached to it. Pip’s character has been one of the favorites over the years and this novel has added one more to the series.

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