Hanging the Stars

Hanging the Stars is an LGBTQ+ novel. It is the second chapter of the Half Moon Bay novel series which is written by Rhys Ford. One of her most prominent novels is Back in Black. After this one, you will also like her Dirty Kiss, Book 1 novel which happens to be her debut novel as well.

The narration of this chapter is done by Greg Tremblay. He was at his usual best and provided listeners with top-notch vocal quality and overall performance.

Angel Daniels was the one who grew up in a hard way. He was seen a step ahead of the law always and also looking right over his shoulder all the time. He was the son of a grifter and he has learned a range of tricks and cons. But, he always ached for having a normal life. Once he was out on his own and he made a return to Half Moon Bay. This was the place with some strong memories where he once found and then lost love. Now, the life of Angel is in a total mess. Between raising Roman, his 11 years old half-brother, and running his bakery, he has quite a hectic but happy life. Then, a return to Half Bay Moon is made by West Harris. He threatened Angel to break him once again by getting hold of the only home he and the roman have.

Angel was the one who taught West about love while they were young. But, West is a changed man now. Will he stay the same or his heart will melt?

Hanging the Stars is delightful entertainment. Rhys Ford has done a special job with this novel and in fact, the series. People after finishing this chapter were eagerly waiting for the next installment too.

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