Hell Divers IV: Wolves

Hell Divers IV: Wolves is the fourth chapter in The Hell Divers Series. It is a suspenseful mystery thriller novel and written beautifully by Nicholas Sansbury Smith. He is a bestselling author in USA Today for his fantasy and science fiction novels. He also made a good name for himself in suspense thrillers. You must check his most promising novels which namely are: The Extinction Cycle Boxed Set and The Trackers Series Box Set.

R.C. Bray is here as the narrator of this chapter. Nothing better than him you could expect for the mystery thrillers today. He is right up there among the top three narrators arguably. His performance in this novel was magical.

In this novel, you will find the Sea Wolf going out in the open for the search of the Metal Islands. Xavier Rodriguez, the legendary Hell Diver is leading the expedition. His survival skills and other related stuff would be put to the test in the risky open seas. He is in that position with such expectation after lasting on the poisoned surface for a decade.

However, sea monsters, storms, and Cazadores are not the only thing threatening X and his team. Their task is the uncover all the hard to digest truths that are related to the war history that left mankind stranded for many centuries in the air.
The subject novel is easily the best so far in The Hell Divers Series. You will experience a sudden change of pace in this fourth chapter which made the entire experience quite good for the listeners. The amazing novel starts with a bang and the pace never drops.

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