Nick Gautier has been an odd one all his life and that’s why he has just one wish i.e to live a normal life. His powers are like a curse for him and the name of his demon father just adds more to his miserable life. Because of his father, he is considered to be the one who will one day destroy the entire world. That’s why none of the people like him because of his bad fate and family name. Getting tired of this alienation the boy wishes for a normal life where he would have the troubles which an average boy of his age faces.
While he was thinking about all of this he gets transported to a different reality where everything has happened differently. His mother has married the man whom Nick considered as his mentor. Also, his friend who once had godly powers is just an ordinary guy with no fame and power. Here Nick gets the chance to see a different picture of the world.

The boy finally realizes that every person has a proper reason for his existence and instead of wasting your time you should try to understand for what you are made for. Sherrilyn Kenyon brings clear change in Nick as he adopts the role of a savior from here on, instead of being the destroyer of the world.

Alterant and Blood Trinity are still in the memory attic and this will also stay in your mind for a very long time. Holter Graham possesses such a magical voice that each word is transported to the mind and later it gets imprinted on it.

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