Insurgent is the second installment in the Divergent novel series. It is written by Veronica Roth. She is a novelist and a short story writer from America. The divergent trilogy is her best-known series which was also filmed as well. In her literary career, she offered her fans excellent novels such as Divergent and Allegiant.

The narration of this chapter is done by Emma Galvin. It was a superb narration and did well in capturing the exact emotion of the female lead character which was extremely critical to this story. You will have a wonderful time with the narration of this novel.

One choice could be good enough to either destroy you or completely transform you. But, there are consequences attached to every choice. Unrest was on the rise with all the factions that were around Tris Prior. She must look to protect all those who she loves, including herself. She was grappling with a series of haunting questions filled with forgiveness and grief, loyalty and identity, love and politics.

The initiation day of Tris should have been marked with victory and celebration with her selected faction. Instead, that particular day ended up with many unspeakable horrors. The war looks evident as the conflict with the two rival parties grows along with the difference in their ideologies as well. Sides must be taken in a war where secrets would emerge and the choices would be much more irrevocable.

This book is good and it got several side stories going on as well with the different characters. This made the entire thing a bit complicated and demanded a lot more attention from the audience. If you are good with your concentration level then this story has got the potential to draw you in and make you enjoy it to the fullest as well.

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