Julius Caesar: The Arkangel Shakespeare

Julius Caesar: The Arkangel Shakespeare is a dramatized audio performance of William Shakespeare’s play. If you ever want to enjoy any play of William Shakespeare at the comfort of your home then such audio performance will provide you with a great and unbeatable experience. The greatest ever playwright has inspired many generations through his work and you could find the best of his plays in generations. A good number of his best works could be found in Shakespeare: The Complete Works. One of the most famous plays of William Shakespeare is Hamlet and you could enjoy its audio performance in Hamlet: Fully Dramatized Audio Edition.

The audio performance in this dramatized version is given by Michael Feast, Adrian Lester, and John Bowe. It was a powerful performance and the audience was able to understand the play from William Shakespeare with no issues whatsoever. Rather, they thoroughly enjoyed the apt performance with excellent expressions and inflections.

Julius Caesar tells a very tragic story and at the heart of it lies one of the most notable characters of William Shakespeare. He is none other than the statesman Brutus. He was caught right in between public duty and private affection. Julius Caesar went on to become the most powerful and influential man in Rome. Does all of his mighty powers threaten the very existence of the Republic? A conspiracy is marked and it is the one that will lead to some fatal consequences not only for Julius Caesar but also for the ancient world’s history.

Julius Caesar: The Arkangel Shakespeare is a magnificent play. The cast and production were amazing and something that everyone should look to go for if they are fans of William Shakespeare’s works.

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