Kanye West Owes Me $300

Kanye West Owes Me $300 is a memoir written by Jensen Karp. It is about the true story of Kanye West along with others from a white rapper who almost made it big. This story is about “Hot Karl” the most famous rapper you’ve never heard of. It offers the reader a firsthand account of the cutthroat music industry through the eyes of this rapper who failed to make it big. The former rapper has no other books besides this one.

Both the narrators – Jensen Karp and Chris MacDonnell – nailed their respective roles in the audiobook. Jensen’s reading was outstanding and he has us laughing more often than not. His voice makes it an immersive experience that wouldn’t be possible if it was read in someone else’s voice.

Jansen Karp was a 12-year-old when he got his first taste of rapping for crowds. Little did he know, he was taking his first step of a crazy journey. It would end up with a failed multimillion-dollar recording deal and a publishing deal with Interscope Records. Karp is finally telling his wild tale as “Hot Karl”, the rapper who almost made it big.

Jensen tells us about his Southern Californian classmates who told him that rap was only for black people. He also reveals why his album never saw the light of the day. He then went down a downward spiral as he suffered afterward, and he found something else instead of rap glory.

This book is full of rollicking stories from a close brush with fame. It is the ultimate story of a fish-out-of-water story about a guy chasing after an unlikely passion in trying to crack the rape game. Despite what everyone said, he tried it and faced the consequences.

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