Last Chance Texaco

This memoir is written and narrated by Rickie Lee Jones. This Last Chance Texaco is the more following book by the readers. The “Grammy Award-winning” artist “Rickie Lee Jones” documented all in this energizing, personal diary regarding how a young lady grew up to be one of the most incredible and momentous craftsmen of her time. This tale is taken by Rickie Lee Jones and the singer’s life is just for the fiercest hearts, just for those vessels that can be broken to bits and continue to thump out the musicality for another tune. Last Chance Texaco is the very first record of the existence of double cross “Rickie Lee Jones” in the most natural-sounding way for her. It is a tale of frantic possibilities and unimaginable victories, an undertaking tale of a young lady who set heads spinning and grew up to become one of the most amazing specialists of her time, transforming misfortune and alarming into ageless music.


With realism and lyricism, the “Duchess of Coolsville” takes the readers on a particular excursion through her traveling adolescence to her years as an adolescent runaway, through her amazing relationship with “Tom Waits” and at last her life span as the most diligent lady in rock and roll. Rickie Lee’s accounts are rich with the notorious characters of her initial tunes – “Weasel and the White Boys Cool”, “Danny’s All-Star Joint”, and “Income sans work” however well before her reputation in the entertainment biz, there was a vaudevillian cast of drifters, bank looters, escapes, drug donkeys, a pimp with a kind nature and stories of her famous predecessors. In this charging and auspicious journal by one of the most surprising, exploring, and determined ladies in music are never-before-recounted accounts of the young lady in the raspberry beret, who is an artist-musician whose music challenged arrangement and enlivened the United States mainstream society for a long time.


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