Lightning Striking

This is written and narrated by Lenny Kaye. This Lightning Striking is one of the well-known books of Lenny Kaye.

We have performed one next to the other on the worldwide stage through a large portion of a century “In Lightning Striking” Lenny Kaye has enlightened ten features of the gem called rock and roll from a remarkably private and educated viewpoint. Patti Smith has an insider’s interpretation of the advancement and suffering tradition of the music that shook the twentieth century.

Rock and roll were birthed in cellars and carports, radio broadcasts and ballrooms in urban areas where surprising get together of specialists and crowd changed and charged how music is heard and celebrated and catching lightning in a container. Performer and author “Lenny Kaye” investigated ten junctions of overall setting that characterize rock and roll and its remarkable flashpoints, characters and visionaries how every age became and how it was found by the world. Regardless of whether portraying “Elvis Presley’s Memphis, the Beatles’ Liverpool, Patti Smith’s New York, or Kurt Cobain’s Seattle, Lightning Striking” uncovered the mutual energy that causes a situation and a directed visit inside style and execution to see who’s dramatic alongside the influential people, the tricksters and holders on and why everyone is tuning in.

Excellently clearing and a well-informed tale by “Kaye’s” acclaimed information and experience as a functioning performer “Lightning Striking” is an ear-opening knowledge into our common melodic and social history, a floor covering ride of rowdy’s most powerful developments.

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