Lost Plantations of the South

This is an entertaining, architectural, and art story. This story is written by Marc R. Matrana. Marc R. Matrana is an oncologist. He is a doctor. He belongs to the United States. He is also an amazing author. He is the writer of Lost Plantations the Rise and Fall of Seven Oaks and Southern Splendor Saving Architectural Treasures of the South. If you want to see, same authors at their best then do refer to their Lost Plantation novels. These novels are getting good remarks from listeners and readers.

The narrator of this book is John Burlinson. He is a wonderful narrator. He did a great job. He narrated the novel with an energetic voice. His voice takes you to the depth of the novel and you became a part of the novel. YoOKu can listen more from this wonderful narrator. I refer you to listen to his The Ring and the Book. The length of this audio is seventeen hours and thirteen minutes.

This is a very interesting story about the plantation homes of the South. These plantation homes were demolished due to some natural disasters. Like Alabama’s Forks of Cypress. Some were forgotten. Some were demolished purposely, like Seven Oaks and Mount Brilliant.

The author wants to bring them back to their life in these lost mansions and plantations. The author collects all the information about all of these demolish plantations and the reason for their destruction.

The author’s research about plantations is excellent. This is an educational story. So listen and learn about plantation history and how early days preserves this history. I have all about finish the listening of this audio. It is informative.

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